VAPoR  3.0.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAnimationParamsA class that specifies parameters used in animation
 CArrowEventRouterAn EventRouter subclass that handles the Barbs tab in the GUI
 CArrowParamsClass that supports drawing Barbs based on 2D or 3D vector field
 CArrowRendererClass that draws the barbs as specified by ArrowParams
 CBasicParamsA Params subclass for Params classes with one unique instance
 CBox3D or 2D box with options for orientation angles and extents changing in time. Intended to be used in any Params class
 CBoxSliderFrameA QFrame that contains sliders and text boxes controlling the extents of a box
 CCommandProvides support for maintaining a queue of recently issued commands, performing UnDo, ReDo, etc. The parent Command class supports a queue of Params changes; each entry has a clone of the previous and next Params instance associated with a change
 CControlExecProvides API for VAPOR visualizer User Interfaces (UIs)
 CDataMgrV3_0A cache based data reader
 CDataStatusA class for describing the currently loaded dataset
 CDCDefines API for reading a collection of data
 CAttributeVariable or global metadata
 CBaseVarBase class for storing variable metadata
 CCoordVarCoordinate variable metadata
 CDataVarData variable metadata
 CDimensionMetadata describing a coordinate dimension
 CDCWRFClass for reading a WRF data set stored as a series of NetCDF files
 CEventRouterA pure virtual class specifying the common properties of all the parameter tabs in the VAPOR GUI
 CHelloEventRouterAn EventRouter subclass that handles the Hello tab in the GUI
 CHelloParamsClass that supports drawing a line connecting two points
 CHelloRendererClass that draws a line as specified by HelloParams
 CInstanceParamsA class for describing the renderer instances in use in VAPOR
 CIsolineEventRouterAn EventRouter subclass that handles the Contours tab in the GUI
 CIsolineParamsClass that supports rendering of contour lines (isolines)
 CIsolineRendererClass that draws the isolines (contours) as specified by IsolineParams
 CMouseModeParamsA class for describing mouse modes in use in VAPOR
 CNetCDFCppDefines simple C++ wrapper for NetCDF
 CParamNodeAn Xml tree
 CParamsA pure virtual class for managing parameters used in visualization
 CParamsBaseNodes with state in Xml tree representation
 CRegionParamsA class for describing a 3D axis-aligned region in user space
 CRendererA class that performs rendering in a Visualizer
 CRendererBaseA base class for Renderer classes
 CRenderHolderA class that manages the display of Renderer parameters
 CRenderParamsA Params subclass for managing parameters used by Renderers
 CTabManagerA class that manages the contents of the parameter tabs in VAPOR GUI
 CVariablesWidgetA Widget that can be reused to provide a variable selection tab in any renderer EventRouter class
 CVDCDefines API for reading, writing, and appending data to a VAPOR Data Collection (Version 3)
 CVDCNetCDFImplements the VDC abstract class, providing storage of VDC data in NetCDF files
 CViewpointClass that indicates location and direction of view
 CViewpointParamsA class for describing the viewpoint and lights in a 3D VAPOR scene
 CVisualizerA class for performing OpenGL rendering in VAPOR GUI Window
 CVizWinA QGLWidget that supports display based on GL methods invoked in a Visualizer
 CVizWinMgrA class for managing all visualizers
 CVizWinParamsA class for describing the vizualization windows in use in VAPOR
 CWASPImplements WASP compression conventions for NetCDF
 CMyBaseVetsUtil base class
 CLayeredGridThis class implements a 2D or 3D layered grid: a generalization of a regular grid where the spacing of grid points along a single dimension may vary at each grid point. The spacing along the remaining one (2D case) or two (3D case) dimensions is invariant between grid points. For example, if K is the layered dimension than the z coordinate is given by some function f(i,j,k):
 CMappingFrameA QGLWidget that displays a Transfer Function Editor, or an Iso Selection Window
 CRegularGridThis class implements a 2D or 3D regular grid: a tessellation of Euculidean space by rectangles (2D) or parallelpipeds (3D). Each grid point can be addressed by an index(i,j,k), where i, a and k range from 0 to dim - 1, where dim is the dimension of the I, J, or K axis, respectively. Moreover, each grid point has a coordinate in a user-defined coordinate system given by (i * dx, j * dy, k * dz) for some real numbers dx, dy, and dz representing the grid spacing
 CStretchedGridThis class implements a 2D or 3D stretched grid: a generalization of a regular grid where the spacing of grid points along each dimension may vary along the dimension. I.e. the coordinates along each dimension are a function of the dimension index. E.g. x = x(i), for some monotonically increasing function x(i)