VAPoR  3.0.0
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VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame Class Reference

A QFrame that contains sliders and text boxes controlling the extents of a box. More...

#include <boxsliderframe.h>

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void extentsChanged ()

Public Member Functions

 BoxSliderFrame (QWidget *parent=0)
 ~BoxSliderFrame ()
void setFullDomain (const double exts[6])
void setBoxExtents (const std::vector< double > &minExts, const std::vector< double > &maxExts)
void getBoxExtents (double[6])
void setVariableName (std::string vname)
void setNumRefinements (int numrefs)

Detailed Description

A QFrame that contains sliders and text boxes controlling the extents of a box.

Alan Norton
May 2015 This QFrame should be embedded in various EventRouter .ui files to support controlling box extents. EventRouter implementors must do the following:
If a slider or text box should not be displayed, invoke hide() on that gui element in the
EventRouter constructor.
In EventRouter::updateTab(), invoke setFullDomain(), setBoxExtents(), setNumRefinements() and setVariableName()
based on the current state of the Box.
Whenever the box extents are changed in the GUI (outside the BoxSliderFrame), invoke setBoxExtents().

Whenever the refinement level is changed in the GUI, invoke setNumRefinements()

Implement the slot EventRouter::changeExtents() and connect it to the signal BoxSliderFrame::changeExtents().  

Definition at line 50 of file boxsliderframe.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::BoxSliderFrame ( QWidget *  parent = 0)
VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::~BoxSliderFrame ( )

Member Function Documentation

void VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::extentsChanged ( )
See also
This signal indicates that the user has changed the extents of the box, and the eventRouter must respond to this change. This signal must be connected to the changeExtents() slot of the EventRouter.
void VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::getBoxExtents ( double  [6])

Identify the current extents of the box in user coordinates. Should be invoked in EventRouter::changeExtents() to update the current extents after a change.

void VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::setBoxExtents ( const std::vector< double > &  minExts,
const std::vector< double > &  maxExts 

Specify the box extents associated with the box slider.

[in]minExtsvector<double> of minimum box extents
[in]maxExtsvector<double> of maximum box extents
void VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::setFullDomain ( const double  exts[6])

Specify the full domain of the data in which the box extents reside

[in]extsdouble[6] array of extents
void VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::setNumRefinements ( int  numrefs)

Specify the number of refinements of the extent-defining variable to be used in identifying the voxel size.

[in]numrefsNumber of refinements.

Definition at line 77 of file boxsliderframe.h.

void VAPoR::BoxSliderFrame::setVariableName ( std::string  vname)

Specify the variable whose extents define the domain of the box.

[in]vnameVariable name.

Definition at line 72 of file boxsliderframe.h.

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