VAPoR  3.0.0
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VAPoR::HelloEventRouter Class Reference

An EventRouter subclass that handles the Hello tab in the GUI. More...

#include <helloeventrouter.h>

Inheritance diagram for VAPoR::HelloEventRouter:

Public Member Functions

 HelloEventRouter (QWidget *parent)
virtual ~HelloEventRouter ()
virtual void hookUpTab ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::EventRouter
 EventRouter ()
void updateTab ()
virtual void confirmText ()
void reinitTab (bool doOverride)
virtual void updateUrgentTabState ()
void SetTextChanged (bool on)
virtual void captureMouseUp ()
virtual void captureMouseDown (int mouseNum)
string getTag ()
virtual void updateRenderer (RenderParams *rp, bool wasEnabled, int instance, bool newVis)
virtual void cleanParams (Params *rp)
virtual void sessionLoadTF (string name)
virtual void SetLocal (Params *p, bool lg)
virtual void SetEnabled (bool On, int instance)
virtual void setEditorDirty (RenderParams *)
virtual void updateMapBounds (RenderParams *)
void saveTF (RenderParams *rParams)
void fileSaveTF (RenderParams *rParams)
void loadInstalledTF (RenderParams *rParams, string varname)
void loadTF (RenderParams *rParams, string varname)
void fileLoadTF (RenderParams *rParams, string varname, const char *startPath, bool savePath)
virtual Histo * getHistogram (RenderParams *rParam, bool mustGet, bool isIsoWin=false)
virtual void refreshHistogram (RenderParams *rp)
void refresh2DHistogram (RenderParams *)
void calcSliceHistogram (RenderParams *rp, int ts, Histo *histo)
virtual MappingFramegetMappingFrame ()
virtual void StartCursorMove ()
virtual void EndCursorMove ()
virtual void SetDimension (int dim)
virtual void variableChanged ()
virtual void invalidateRenderer (RenderParams *rParams)

Static Public Member Functions

static EventRouterCreateTab ()
 Static (required) Create method, just invokes constructor. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::EventRouter
static void SetVizWinMgr (VizWinMgr *vizMgr)
static void SetDataMgr (DataMgrV3_0 *dataMgr)
static void SetMainForm (MainForm *mainForm)
static DataMgrV3_0GetDataMgr ()
 Obtain the current DataMgr. More...

Protected Slots

void setHelloTextChanged (const QString &qs)
void helloReturnPressed ()
void selectColor ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void _confirmText (Params *p)
virtual void _updateTab (Params *p)
 Set the Params values into the current tab widgets. More...
virtual void _reinitTab (bool doOverride)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::EventRouter
vector< QAction * > * makeWebHelpActions (const char *text[], const char *urls[])
virtual float calcCurrentValue (RenderParams *p, const double point[3])
ParamsGetActiveParams ()
ParamsGetActiveParams (string tag)
int GetActiveVizIndex ()
void ForceRender (bool always=false)
VisualizerGetActiveVisualizer ()
 Identify the currently active Visualizer instance. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::EventRouter
static EventRouterGetEventRouter (const std::string &tag)

Detailed Description

An EventRouter subclass that handles the Hello tab in the GUI.

Alan Norton
June 2015 The HelloEventRouter class manages the Hello gui. There are three sub-tabs, for variables, layout, and appearance. A BoxSliderFrame is embedded in the layout tab.

Definition at line 38 of file helloeventrouter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::HelloEventRouter ( QWidget *  parent)
virtual VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::~HelloEventRouter ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::_confirmText ( Params p)

Required virtual method: Respond to all text changes by setting the values into the Params

Implements VAPoR::EventRouter.

virtual void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::_reinitTab ( bool  doOverride)

After data has changed, make any necessary changes to gui

[in]doOverridetrue if should override existing values, i.e reverting to defaults.

Implements VAPoR::EventRouter.

virtual void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::_updateTab ( Params p)

Set the Params values into the current tab widgets.

Implements VAPoR::EventRouter.

static EventRouter* VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::CreateTab ( )

Static (required) Create method, just invokes constructor.

Definition at line 48 of file helloeventrouter.h.

References VAPoR::TabManager::getSubTabWidget().

void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::helloReturnPressed ( )

Respond to return being pressed over a text box This just calls confirmText()

virtual void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::hookUpTab ( )

Required virtual method: Connect signals and slots from tab

Implements VAPoR::EventRouter.

void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::selectColor ( )

Response to selecting a line color. Launch a color selector and use it to change the color.

void VAPoR::HelloEventRouter::setHelloTextChanged ( const QString &  qs)

Respond to any text change in hello tabs. This slot just sets the textChanged flag.

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