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VAPoR::IsolineRenderer Class Reference

Class that draws the isolines (contours) as specified by IsolineParams. More...

#include <isolinerenderer.h>

Inheritance diagram for VAPoR::IsolineRenderer:
VAPoR::Renderer VAPoR::RendererBase VetsUtil::MyBase

Public Member Functions

 IsolineRenderer (Visualizer *, RenderParams *)
 ~IsolineRenderer ()
virtual int _initializeGL ()
 Required virtual method performs any needed OpenGL initialization. More...
virtual int _paintGL (DataMgrV3_0 *dmgr)
virtual void setAllDataDirty ()
void invalidateLineCache (int timestep)
virtual void invalidateCache ()
 Virtual method results in entire cache being invalidated. More...
bool cacheIsValid (int timestep)
int buildLineCache (DataMgrV3_0 *dmgr)
const std::map< pair< int, int >, vector< float * > > & GetLineCache ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::Renderer
 Renderer (Visualizer *vw, RenderParams *rp, string name)
virtual ~Renderer ()
virtual int paintGL (DataMgrV3_0 *dataMgr)
virtual void setRenderParams (RenderParams *rp)
RenderParamsgetRenderParams ()
void setBypass (int timestep)
void setPartialBypass (int timestep)
void setAllBypass (bool val)
bool doBypass (int timestep)
bool doAlwaysBypass (int timestep)
void buildLocal2DTransform (int dataOrientation, float a[2], float b[2], float *constVal, int mappedDims[3])
void getLocalContainingRegion (float regMin[3], float regMax[3])
- Public Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::RendererBase
 RendererBase (Visualizer *vw, Params *p, string name)
virtual ~RendererBase ()
virtual int initializeGL ()
VisualizerGetVisualizer ()
 Obtain the Visualizer associated with this Renderer. More...
bool isInitialized ()
const string getMyName () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from VetsUtil::MyBase
 MyBase ()
const string & getClassName () const

Static Public Member Functions

static RendererCreateInstance (Visualizer *v, RenderParams *rp)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::Renderer
static void RegisterRenderer (string tag, RendererCreateMethod)
static RendererCreateInstance (RenderParams *p, Visualizer *viz)
static void invalidateRenderCache (RenderParams *rp)
static int getGrids (DataMgrV3_0 *dataMgr, size_t ts, const vector< string > &varnames, const double extents[6], int *refLevel, int *lod, RegularGrid **grids)
static void UndoRedo (bool isUndo, int instance, Params *beforeP, Params *afterP, Params *auxPrev=0, Params *auxNext=0)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from VetsUtil::MyBase
static void SetErrMsg (const char *format,...)
 Record a formatted error message. More...
static void SetErrMsg (int errcode, const char *format,...)
 Record a formatted error message and an error code. More...
static const char * GetErrMsg ()
static void SetErrCode (int err_code)
 Record an error code. More...
static int GetErrCode ()
 Retrieve the current error code. More...
static void SetErrMsgCB (ErrMsgCB_T cb)
static ErrMsgCB_T GetErrMsgCB ()
static void SetErrMsgFilePtr (FILE *fp)
static const FILE * SetErrMsgFilePtr ()
static void SetDiagMsg (const char *format,...)
 Record a formatted diagnostic message. More...
static const char * GetDiagMsg ()
static void SetDiagMsgCB (DiagMsgCB_T cb)
static DiagMsgCB_T GetDiagMsgCB ()
static void SetDiagMsgFilePtr (FILE *fp)
static bool EnableErrMsg (bool enable)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from VAPoR::Renderer
typedef Renderer *(* RendererCreateMethod) (Visualizer *, RenderParams *)
 typedef defining Renderer CreateInstance() methods. More...
- Public Types inherited from VetsUtil::MyBase
typedef void(* ErrMsgCB_T) (const char *msg, int err_code)
typedef void(* DiagMsgCB_T) (const char *msg)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from VetsUtil::MyBase
static char * ErrMsg
static int ErrCode
static int ErrMsgSize
static FILE * ErrMsgFilePtr
static ErrMsgCB_T ErrMsgCB
static char * DiagMsg
static int DiagMsgSize
static FILE * DiagMsgFilePtr
static DiagMsgCB_T DiagMsgCB
static bool Enabled
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VAPoR::Renderer
void enableClippingPlanes (const double extents[6])
void enableFullClippingPlanes ()
void enableRegionClippingPlanes ()
void enable2DClippingPlanes ()
void disableClippingPlanes ()
size_t GetCurrentTimestep ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from VetsUtil::MyBase
void SetClassName (const string &name)
- Protected Attributes inherited from VAPoR::RendererBase
bool _initialized
size_t _timestep
string _rendererName

Detailed Description

Class that draws the isolines (contours) as specified by IsolineParams.

Alan Norton
March 2014

Definition at line 42 of file isolinerenderer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::IsolineRenderer ( Visualizer ,
VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::~IsolineRenderer ( )

Member Function Documentation

virtual int VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::_initializeGL ( )

Required virtual method performs any needed OpenGL initialization.

Implements VAPoR::RendererBase.

virtual int VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::_paintGL ( DataMgrV3_0 dmgr)

Required virtual method, renders the isolines.

[in]dmgris the DataMgrV3_0 that supplies the data

Implements VAPoR::Renderer.

int VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::buildLineCache ( DataMgrV3_0 dmgr)

Rebuild the entire line cache at the current time step

[in]dmgrCurrent DataMgr
bool VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::cacheIsValid ( int  timestep)

Check if the current cache is valid

[in]timesteptime step to be checked.
true if cache is valid

Definition at line 73 of file isolinerenderer.h.

static Renderer* VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::CreateInstance ( Visualizer v,
RenderParams rp 

Static method to create a renderer given the associated Params instance and visualizer

[in]Visualizer*pointer to the visualizer where this will draw
[in]RenderParams*pointer to the IsolineParams associated with this renderer
IsolineRenderer* new IsolineRenderer instance.

Definition at line 54 of file isolinerenderer.h.

const std::map<pair<int,int>,vector<float*> >& VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::GetLineCache ( )

Obtain the current line cache. Each timestep and isovalue is associated with a vector of triples of floats.

current lineCache

Definition at line 81 of file isolinerenderer.h.

virtual void VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::invalidateCache ( )

Virtual method results in entire cache being invalidated.

Reimplemented from VAPoR::Renderer.

void VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::invalidateLineCache ( int  timestep)

Invalidate the cache of isolines at a single time step

[in]timestepis the Time Step to be invalidated.
virtual void VAPoR::IsolineRenderer::setAllDataDirty ( )

Invalidate cache when necessary to re-obtain data Must be called whenever parameters are changed so as to require a new generation of isolines

Reimplemented from VAPoR::Renderer.

Definition at line 64 of file isolinerenderer.h.

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