waspcreate - Generate a WASP file


waspcreate [options] [name:xtype:count[:dimname]+]+


waspcreate generates an empty NetCDF file, suitable for containing compressed arrays (NetCDF variables) following the WASP conventions. The resulting file contains the definitions of NetCDF dimensions, and 1D, 2D, and 3D variables that may subsequently be populated using, for example, the raw2wasp command. Variable names, external storage type, and associated dimension names are specified by repeated instances of the pattern: [name:xtype:count[:dimname]+], defined as follows:


The variable's name. Any string permitted by NetCDF.


A valid NetCDF external data type (e.g NC_FLOAT, NC_DOUBLE).


The number of compressed dimensions. If the number of compressed dimensions is less than the total number of variable dimensions then compression will take place along only the ncdims fastest-varying dimensions. If ncdims is zero the variable will not be compressed. The maximum value for ncdims is 3.


A colon-seperated list of the variable's dimension names. The dimension names are specified in the order from slowest to fastest varying. The dimension names must be defined with the -dimlens option.



A Colon delimited list of dimension lengths.


A Colon delimited list of dimension names for the dimension lengths specified by -dimlens. The number of elements specified by -dimlens and -dimnames must be identical.


Print a usage statement and then exit.


Print a usage statement and then exit.


Specify an alternate NetCDF output file name. The default is to create a file names

-wname <wave_name>

Specify the name of the wavelet to use for the wavelet transform. Valid values are: bior1.1, bior1.3, bior1.5, bior2.2, bior2.4 ,bior2.6, bior2.8, bior3.1, bior3.3, bior3.5, bior3.7, bior3.9, bior4.4.

The default is bior 4.4 (aka CDF 9/7).


The command

waspcreate -dimlens 256:256:256 -dimnames Nz:Ny:Nx temp:NC_FLOAT:3:Nz:Ny:Nx

will create a file named containing the definition of a single compressed variable named 'temp', with dimensions 256x256x256.


raw2wasp, wasp2raw


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